Xensam Presents: Powerful New Inventory Agents for macOS and Linux


Stockholm, Sweden, March 6, 2019 – Xensam is delighted to announce the advancement of its inventory capabilities with the release of its powerful Apple and Linux versions of the class-leading SAM inventory agent Xearch

The macOS version fully supports a multitude of macOS versions from the latest, all the way down to OS X El Mavericks 10.9. 

The dynamic Linux agent supports most established Linux operating systems, such as Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE and many more. 

Xensam’s Xearch agents for both macOS and Linux, contain the same advanced software, hardware and user inventory as the class-leading Windows version.  

Xensam’s software recognition database; “Xource”, which encompasses normalization & Product Use Rights (PUR), has been prepared in advance for the release of the macOS and Linux data, resulting in unrivalled software coverage upon first deployment of this technology. 

 “Specializing in SAM Software Recognition for approximately a decade, from a recognition point of view, macOS and especially Linux have very poor meta data”, said Alexander Strömberg, Product Manager & Software Recognition Evangelist at Xensam. 

“For a normal agent, scanning the file system, it’s hard to get any real value, since the information such as Vendor and Version very often are missing. It’s like trying to do a jigsaw without half the pieces, it’s impossible to complete the puzzle.” 

“Xensam’s Xearch agent is very exact here, pulling and merging data from all the different Package Managers out there, into one single row, making the Xource team’s work that much easier. Adding ongoing top tier vendor scripts on top of that, simply makes the solution best in the business.” 

For more information, please reach out to Xensam on www.xensam.com or email press@xensam.com

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