Xensam’s cloud-based AI-powered platform optimizes software usage, identifies security gaps, and eliminates spending on underutilized apps.

All you need to know to optimize software usage, spending and security

All applications recognized

Track all your paid and freemium SaaS, on-prem, and open-source apps. Our AI-driven platform recognizes +480 000 business applications.

All costs covered

Get to know exactly how much you can save on underutilized applications. Compare license pricing with your current spending in our cost center.

All integrations enabled

Connect with Data Center, Oracle, or any cloud license platform. We support all essential discovery integrations (and launch an entire integration platform soon).
Trusted by innovators and industry leaders

Detailed and easy-to-use

With Xensam, you don't have to choose between advanced and simple. Handle all your SAM tasks with ease, structure complex data and get actionable insights in real-time using an intuitive and responsive GUI.

Normalization made right

Enterprise apps, SaaS apps, and open source: Xensam manages them all. Our AI-driven software normalization engine outperforms competition with 91% out-of-the-box recognition compared to 39% and 41%. 

One platform, one price.

At Xensam, we believe in simplicity, and pricing is no different. Our software asset management platform includes all our proprietary features in one package. Tailor support services and enablement to your needs. 

"What impressed me was the detail of data. ROI, as they said, was swift!"

One can see our true value through our ROI and customer feedback from progressive industry leaders and enterprises worldwide.


Platform ROI* on average.
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*The avg ROI on a 10% sample customer base analysis in 2022 based on the reharvesting of underutilized apps and optimisation of SaaS subscriptions.

”We are amazed by how powerful Xensam's technology has been, the amount of cost reductions expected, and the fantastic support."