IT Audit and Software License Management


Xensam helps organizations from all over the world to optimize software license deployments and reduce costs by managing software consumption and giving full control over the software and hardware estate.

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The latest software technology in an easy to use package that lets you focus on your core business instead of wasting time on license management.

Trusted by

  • Braiform trusts Xensam
  • OKQ8 proud customer to Xensam
  • Sweco use Xensam for their hardware and software asset management
  • GMV proud customer to Xensam
  • Lalux use Xensam SAM tools
  • Unicarriers trusts Xensam
  • Vallentuna kommun trusts Xensam
  • GHP use Xensam for their hardware and software asset management
  • AP&T use Xensam SAM tools
  • Jönköping Energi trusts Xensam
  • Veolia proud customer to Xensam
  • Merz use Xensam SAM tools


Out of the box recognition

On average our customers have 95% of all their installed software recognized out of the box.


Software that pays for itself

The proportion of companies that have observed a return of investment on Xensam within the first 6 months.