The Cloud Support Experience


By Alex Geuken. August 27, 2020.

Support has traditionally been a challenge for SAM tools as most of the SAM tools today are installed on premise, or with a hosted service provider. This means that for support purposes, the responsible support technician or the relevant knowledge base is often hard to reach. In general, with traditional SAM tools, the majority of the installations we see are “fire and forget” installations.  

“I’ll call you in 3 years when it is time for renewal.”  

This is one of several reasons why SAM tools have a very bad reputation when it comes to support. Complex backend, too many chefs (partners, consultants and the tool manufacturers). It’s not uncommon that implementation takes between 6-24 months! In contrast, Xensam deployment usually is done within a couple of days.  

Xensam is the complete opposite to traditional on-premise SAM tools. This is mainly since Xensam is a SaaS solution and you get “the Cloud Experience”. We work with the 3 Easy Steps to Success of Xensam. 

  1. Easy to Purchase: One simple price – all features, all functions are included 
  1. Easy to Deploy: One small, powerful agent and a single multi-system connector  
  1. Easy to Use: Intuitive, logical User Interface simplifies the most complex SAM tasks

    Xensam “3 & Easy”

The best Support is the one you never have to call upon 

Xensam takes the approach to proactively address challenges within its systems before you need to request support. For example, one of the biggest industry challenges is software recognition: Xensam is the only solutions to implement A.I. for software recognition, which means you get majority of your applications recognized and Normalized out of the box. The second element is the ability to provide you with all the necessary data direct in the User Interface and allow you to conveniently pinpoint exactly what you need help with.  

Xensam Support 

With Xensam SaaS solution you need less support as you don’t have to maintain any back-end server environment or do any updates yourself. Xensam updates the systems up to 3 times per month with improvements, bugfixes and new features. When you need to use support, it is built into the tool; you don’t need to go to a partner, fill in an Excel document or send an email – just click on the support direct from the user interface.  

Image 3

Software Normalization (missing recognition) 

Xensam has the most powerful Normalization database in the industry, using A.I. for software recognition. Out of the box, Xensam supports 50,000 vendors, 340,000 applications and 15,000 web applications. However, in an industry where thousands of new applications and variations are released daily, we have made it simple to request recognition directly from the system by displaying the raw data. Once recognition is requested via Xupervisor, the user interface, it is usually normalized and visible within 24 hours, whether it is an on-premise application or a web application. 

Image 6 (1)

Image 7

100% Customer Satisfaction 

Today, as a Xensam customer, response to a support ticket is handled quickly and the majority of tickets are resolved and closed within 24 hours. With several releases per month, Xensam development is fast and improvements and updates are added all the time.  

Xensam priorities you as a customer and you will notice both via the support and development! There is a reason why Xensam is the only SAM solution with exclusively 5-star reviews on Gartner Peer Insights; we are customer focused and with customer focus comes great support! 


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