Xensam “3 & Easy”

At Xensam we talk about “3 & Easy”. In essence, these are three easy steps, enabled by using Xensam’s unique Cloud characteristics, to empower corporate SAM programs. The 3 & Easy program is related to our desire to simplify the lives of SAM administrators, which is achieved when our customers feel that it is:

  1. Easy to Purchase Xensam  
  2. Easy to Deploy Xensam
  3.  Easy to Use Xensam


The first “Easy” in 3 & Easy is Xensam’s unique Business Model. As an enterprise SAM software solution, we thrive on helping companies save software spend, enhance business efficiency, and of course, avoid unexpected and unbudgeted costs of vendor audits. We all know that purchasing software is almost always complex and expensive: there can be multiple license agreements with differing license grants and different modules/suites that limit access to certain features.  

This license complexity and ambiguity often leaves you with a feeling that you don’t know what has been purchased, and in many cases, that you may have overspent. The Xensam business model is different, driven by two factors: 

  1. Everything is included. This means all connectors, features, support, hosting and updates, are all included in one price – no hidden costs.  
  2. The license purchase should fit your needs: Licenses can be bought either on a Pay As You Go basiswhere you pay on a monthly basis for what are actually using, or Annual Payment, with price discounts for a multi-year commitment against a fixed number of agents. Total freedom or cost efficiency, the decisions is yours. 


Since Xensam is a SaaS solution, you as a customer, only need to install a small agent and connector, which comes in a preconfigured MSI package to deploy in your environment. There is no back-end server to configure or manage, and the extent of your Xensam set-up involvement is to define your organization and import agreements & license entitlements into the system. This usually means Xensam deployment takes approximately 2 days to 2 weeks – depending on the size of organization. Updates are pushed out by Xensam, so you don’t need to be concerned about running the latest version with seamless rollout of bugfixes and new functionality.  

In comparison, our legacy competitors require constant upgrading and continuous reconfiguration of on-premise server installations that can be complex, time consuming and often become ineffective if the installation is not done precisely, resulting in a substandard SAM experience. 

Easy to USE

Licensing and SAM is complex, there are data, rules, license metrics and inevitable SAM complexity to handle. That’s why SAM Software solutions must facilitate easy and meaningful interaction with SAM data. Xensam is designed with data represented in a column system, which has several advantages. Data is not hidden, nor lost, in complex dropdown systems or other legacy user interfaces. In fact, all data is merely a click away via Xensam. SAM tools are information systems that gather data, organize that data (normalize raw data into applications) and represent it in a view that is easy to comprehend and then used to define business strategy. Data must also be easy to share, which is why with Xensam, you can export data as a report anywhere within the system and build and save custom reports. Business data can be analyzed within Xensam’s intuitive User Interface (Xupervisor), or sent out as subscribed reports as frequently as you choose. 

Software Asset Management Must Be Easy

Software Asset Management is a data heavy, complex and constantly evolving business process. Xensam expertly helps to simplify it.  

To see how easy it is to manage licenses and enhance your SAM program, contact us for a demo by emailing info@xensam.com.