New Xensam Xuperstar: Oskar Fösker, Head of International Sales and Service Delivery

Xensam is growing rapidly and we want to welcome our New Xuperstar Oskar Fösker as Head of International Sales and Service Delivery.

Oskar arrives with a decade of SAM experience, working at Snow Software in high profile roles, such as product development and introducing/establishing the vendor in new territories. Oskar has also held the position; Head of SAM at SoftwareONE Sweden, a renowned channel partner, which gives him broad knowledge of the industry. Oskar will provide valuable guidance on Xensam product development, as well as establishing Xensam in exciting new markets.

A few words from Oskar.

“I am absolutely delighted to have joined Xensam! As a consequence of my profile and acquired SAM knowledge, I was approached by the recruitment teams of several leading SAM vendors, as well as Xensam. However, for me, Xensam was a natural choice, as I had directly experienced the software’s power and potential, whilst working in the channel. I got the impression that Xensam had been developed by actual SAM experts as the tool cleverly aligned with customer’s SAM needs. I am very excited to begin the new year by joining, what I consider, the most innovative SAM software company on the market, and I am looking forward to using my unique market expertise to help Xensam with world-wide growth.”

Oskar Fösker, Head of International Sales and Service Delivery