Follow Xensam at IAITAM ACE 2024 in Las Vegas!


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Follow Xensam at IAITAM ACE 2024 in Las Vegas!

It’s May and that means it's time for the IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE)! This year’s event kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 7th-9th. The Xensam team will be in attendance, and you can find us in booth 50. Come by to get a personal demo and discuss AI, and SAM efficiency. Kathryn Waller, Eric Gohdes, Gabriel Hernandez, Alex Geuken, and Vinny Lamovec will be happy to assist you!


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You can’t attend? No worries! Our reporter on site, Megan Peacocke, is bringing the event to you by sharing the must-knows and conducting interviews with industry leaders and keynote speakers on burning topics in Software Asset Management. Get ready by subscribing to the SAM Digest on YouTube and follow us on LinkedIn, and we will make sure you don’t miss a thing.


SAM thought leadership with Alex Geuken on the agenda


Mastering SAM: Optimizing Time, Maximizing Tools, and Implementing Data-Driven Processes

Alex Geuken, Xensam's very own SAM thought leader, is presenting as part of the event agenda. On May 8th at 11:15 he will give a presentation on the secret sauce behind licensing optimization. As a former licensing advisor, SAM tool advisor, and software reseller, he has made a career in optimizing license contracts for large companies across the world.

In this insightful session, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Software Asset Management (SAM) tools, exploring how to extract maximum value and navigate the landscape for enhanced organizational efficiency.


  • Understanding SAM Tools: What Can You Expect?
    • Uncover the functionalities and capabilities inherent in SAM tools.
    • Identify key features that align with your organizational needs and objectives.
  • Defining Your Role: Establishing Your Position in SAM Practices.
    • Clarify the role each individual plays in the SAM ecosystem.
    • Recognize the unique contributions and responsibilities tied to different roles.
  • Organizational Requirements for Optimal SAM Value: What is Needed from Your Organization?


IAITAM ACE is one of the world’s leading IT Asset Management conferences, where the latest in ITAM tools and services are showcased and you get the opportunity to meet with 2000 peers worldwide. See you there!

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