How does Software Asset Management work?

How it works?

Step 1

Deploy the Xearch agent on the devices in scope, or use any of our many connectors for 3rd party inventory sources.
How it works?

Step 2

Log in to Xupervisor to view all your inventoried hardware and software, and add your purchased contracts and licenses.
How it works?

Step 3

Generate pre-made reports and view your software compliance situation.
How it works?

Step 4

Cut costs by re-harvesting unused software and avoid resource-intensive and potentially excessive audit settlements

Xensam is proud to introduce our
fully dynamic Infrastructure Technology

From the Cloud to On-premise... in a heartbeat

Thanks to our unique deployment solution, our customers can move their solution from the Cloud to On-premise and then back to the Cloud, without losing any data, configuration or inventory history. At the same time, all our customer’s data will always be kept on a dedicated, private and secure Linux based server, even if they solely run our Cloud solution. We pledge that your data will never share a database with any other customer, in contrast to many of our less secure competitors.

Zero License Footprint

Since Xensam’s main purpose is to reduce costs, it doesn’t make much sense to us that our customers would have to spend a huge amount of money on third party server licenses simply to run our solution. It was from this idea that our unique Zero License Footprint concept was born. Since our solution is brought to you on a license free Linux server, bundled with a PostgreSQL database, there will be no further expense on unnecessary Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server licenses, while ensuring that you receive the performance and security that only a Linux based server can bring to your organisation.