18th December 2018

Software Vendor’s “Spyware” Obtains Data that the Customer Secretly Destroyed!

In one of this year’s most interesting cases relating to software piracy, a software vendor has alleged that its customer has fraudulently obtained access to its software via counterfeit, as […]
10th December 2018
Oracle Java Compliance Risk Analysis

36 days until Oracle starts charging for Java, are you prepared?

In January 2019, all organizations should expect cost increases from the use of Java as Oracle has elected to begin charging for any type of Java […]
3rd October 2018
Hardware Asset Management

ITAM Simplification: Choose SAM software that automatically obtains Hardware Warranty Info

Xensam now offers our customers enhanced Hardware Automation capabilities.  This universally-useful innovation allows vastly easier hardware lifecycle management, providing automatic retrieval of the following hardware warranty information:  Warrant Start Date  Warranty End Date  […]
3rd September 2018

How to improve your IT security with SAM

The situation When it comes to unexpected costs in the world of software, most software asset managers are focusing on one single risk: Incompliance due to […]