Xensam’s Latest Innovations: Adobe Creative Cloud Overview and Extended Microsoft 365 Optimization Reports


Powered by our dynamic Xync connector, Xensam helps organizations obtain compelling, cross-platform insight of their current Adobe Creative Cloud estate; everything from compliance, usage, software spend & subscription optimization.


Adobe Creative Cloud Overview

Xensam enables a clear overview of Adobe Creative Cloud users, assigned licenses, total cost and much more.

Adobe Cloud Overview Focused 1024x327

Adobe Creative Cloud Cost Overview

Together with the Software and Compliance data, powered by the Xearch inventory agent and the Xource normalization database, with information regarding the actual number of Installations, Total Usage, Active Usage and much more.

Adobe Software Overview 1024x263

Adobe Creative Cloud Software Overview

Adobe Software Usage Overview 1024x357 (1)

Adobe Creative Cloud Usage Overview

Extended Microsoft 365 optimization reports

Furthermore, multiple Cost Optimization reports have been added for the Microsoft 365 estate, helping our customers to see exact amount of usage in minutes, on a local/online basis, either at Suite level or a Component level, during the metric period.

365 Proplus Component Overview Focused 1024x406

Microsoft 365 Component Usage Per License

Naturally, in line with Xensam’s unique “All Inclusive” license model, this powerful automated functionality is included in the license price.

Please contact your local representative or email info@xensam.com to learn more or to arrange a product demo.

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