Xensam pioneers AI to power Software Recognition


By Alex Geuken. October 13, 2020.

XAM: The Xensam AI

When data accuracy and trustworthy data is of utmost importance, as it is in Software Asset Management, it is critical that you select a SAM tool that does not compromise on data quality. Software Normalization is the heart of any SAM system. If you cannot recognize an application, you cannot allocate a license to it, optimize it, check its usage or users, or where it is installed. And if you cannot see it, you cannot uninstall it or automate any process it is meant to be associated to. Xensam has the most advanced software recognition process in the industry, as it is the first and currently, only SAM system to incorporate its own Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (XAM), for automating the process of normalizing software applications. The results are stunning, but what does this mean for you as a customer? 

Accurate, out-of-the-box recognition

To put it simply, AI and Machine Learning accelerate the process to broad and accurate software recognition. Xensam currently has the most comprehensive Software Library for software recognition, with more than 50 000 vendors, 345 000 applications and more than 15 000 web apps.  

Xensam’s incorporation of AI in the recognition process will automatically detect new applications, new editions, and new versions of applications and due to the robust quality control program, you can fully trust the accuracy of the data from Xensam.

AI Data Provides Trustworthy Data from the Heart of Our SAM System 

The most important part of any SAM tool is software recognition. Software recognition or software Normalization is the catalyst and the foundation for automated SAM software. Software assets can exist in many forms such as on-premise, datacenter, remote, or the Cloud, and they must all be accounted for. Imagine if you report to your management that you are 92% compliant but have Shadow-IT, or unrecognized applications, as your inventory data is incomplete and therefore, untrustworthy. This often leads to incompliance, contractual complications and potential audit penalties which must be avoided. Read more about the importance of Normalization here:  https://www.xensam.com/2020/04/14/the-importance-of-software-normalization/

Xensam has the smartest SAM software on the Market 😉 

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