Xensam and OpenLM Partnership


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Birkirkara, Malta October 3, 2018 – 
Xensam has entered into an agreement with software asset management software company OpenLM, which will not only provide added value to customers of both companies but will bring to the market a SAM software solution that includes concurrent engineering licenses.

Xensam approached OpenLM after one of its customers, who was also a customer of OpenLM’s software for engineering applications, requested integration of the two systems. This would enable the customer to see information about engineering license inventory and usage on the Xensam dashboard. Xensam will use OpenLM’s API to perform the task and both companies will make their customers aware of the new combined technology. OpenLM CEO Oren Gabay: “We welcome Xensam to the partner community at OpenLM Software. Even though engineering licenses are the most expensive of software assets, the management of engineering licenses in organizations are often done poorly or not at all. Adding engineering license management capabilities to Xensam software will provide significant added value to their offering and give their customers a holistic view over all types of assets.”

While monitoring and management of engineering software licenses is a form of software asset management, it is a highly specialized area that does its discovery on license managers such as Flexera Flexnet Manager, IBM LUM, Sentinel, DSLS and others. This is the key to monitoring concurrent (floating) licenses as well as other licensing models administered by license managers (sometimes called license servers). As they cater only for this area, they are not usually considered a part of the SAM software constellation. Alex Geuken, CEO Xensam North Europe, commented: “I see this as a unique opportunity. OpenLM, together with Xensam, the next generation of software asset management, is the best software asset management system for engineering software solutions on the market. Our partnership will provide a brand-new form of cost saving and decision-making opportunities for organizations across the world. I’m very happy for this partnership between two of the markets bravest innovators.”

Read more about OpenLM here: https://www.openlm.com

For more information, please contact Xensam on www.xensam.com or email press@xensam.com

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