Xensam latest solution: GDPR risk analysis


Today Xensam are releasing the latest solutions to help enterprises solve their challenges with preparing for the new GDPR directive. This is by far the most comprehensive GDPR software analysis solution on the market today, with over 40 000 classified applications and 10 000 classified software vendors.



We don’t need to talk about the giant workload that precedes and follows the implementation of the GDPR in May 2018, or the 4% of the revenue fine that an audited incompliance will result in. You are more than likely aware of all the pain points. Let us instead talk about how Xensam can help you in both your GDPR preparation work, and the maintenance work that will follow the GDPR implementation next year.
Some of the key pillars in the upcoming GDPR from the European Union is how and why personal data is stored, accessed and used, and how organizations are handling security breaches. Xensam can help your organization with exactly this.



Xensam’s Software Intelligence Library, Xource, will detect applications that could cause a potential GDPR risk. Such applications are mainly those that in one way or another could be storing or processing personal data in a realistic and common use scenario.

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Xensam will track on which computers the software is installed, what type of computers, where they are located, which users have accessed them and what kind of GDPR risk application they have used.
The system will also track if the computers/users might be high risks objects for security breaches due to lack of anti-virus, firewalls or if they have malware installed on them.
All the data is dynamically presented in list views which are filterable, editable and exportable. On top of that there are numerous prebuilt reports that with a single click will give you an overview over your potential GDPR risks, as well as automatic alerts that will notify you of the risk without you having to make any preparation work.



Xource don’t only classify the risk applications, but also classifies what vendors that have made statements that they are already compliant and following GDPR, EU Data Protection Directive and EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks. Over 40 000 applications and 10 000 vendors are already classified in this way. And our Xource team keeps increasing these numbers every day. And we have even more things in the pipeline for this that are going to be released in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Download our GDPR product sheet or contact Xensam for more information about how we can help your organization to be GDPR compliant in time!

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