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By Alex Geuken. October 29, 2020. 

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Selecting SAM software is as complex as selecting any other software 

It is not easy to select the right software for your business. We must consider many factors including license metrics, modules, suites, bundles, and the virtues of maintenance and support programs, which all add to the complexity. Software is changing the world faster than ever before, and increasingly, companies are becoming technology companies as their markets adjust for the modern digital world. We all depend on Software in all aspects of our lives.  

This new world is rapidly increasing the number of software vendors, applications and license types that must be managed. Software vendors keep changing and maintaining complexity for two reasons.  

  1. Generate more revenue for features beyond the base product 
  1. Audit leverage (for revenues or forcing migration to vendor-preferred products (Cloud?)) 

As an example, this conversation is probably familiar: 

Buyer: I need this is, is that included? 


Buyer: What about Feature B and Feature D and Feature F? 

Vendor: No, they are extra costs and separate modules. 

Buyer: Ok but I have Cloud, is your Cloud platform support included with this package?  

Vendor: No Cloud platforms are an extra cost. 

Buyer: So, what is the total cost? What about implementation, training and support?  

Vendor: All these elements are additional costs; the final price is XXXXX Dollars for your needs. 

Buyer: So, the price is 5 times more than expected & I need to consider allocating internal resource and installation, ongoing maintenance and support? 

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The Similarities with Buying SAM Software 

Buying SAM software is traditionally no different to buying other types of software. Most SAM tools are sold in separate modules and components with the same complexities and hidden costs as the software they claim to manage: 

  1. Hardware module 
  1. Software recognition service 
  1. Cloud platform coverage such as Microsoft 365, Adobe CC, Browser based web apps etc. 
  1. Individually priced API connectors 
  1. Specific vendor & data center modules for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP etc. 
  1. Planning, installation, configuration, customization, technical training, operational training, ongoing management costs etc. 

Of course, it is not easy to know what SAM function you will need, until you need it – especially since software is moving so fast with new vendors, applications and license scenarios being added all the time. Think of this as a regular sandwich. The bread in the sandwich is software recognition that is the foundation of any SAM tool. Cloud platform could be the butter and then you want to connect to AD, VMware and O365, which, if you follow the analogy, could be the cheese, tomato and lettuce (or any other tasty filling that you’d prefer). Now you need to install the solution by putting the sandwich together. The final option is to decide on the convenience and consistency of the ready-made sandwich from a coffee shop or obtaining all the ingredients from the supermarket and assembling the sandwich yourself. 

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Xensam’s Business Model; One Solution One Price 

Xensam is truly different. We believe that a SAM software system should be a complete solution. A complete SAM tool must include coverage of hardware, software, Cloud, API connectors and all platforms- not just a few areas covered as standard and other essential items available at great cost, which is sometimes hidden. We believe that comprehensive SAM software must include all vendors and applications, or it is not a complete SAM tool.  

Xensam includes everything in one price: 

  • Hardware inventory 
  • Software inventory (50,000 vendors, 335,000 applications) 
  • Webapps (15,500 apps) 
  • Complex vendors (such as Oracle, IBM, Autodesk etc.)
  • All agents (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.) 
  • All API connectors (AD, O365, Adobe, VMware, etc.) 
  • Secure regional hosting 
  • Support 
  • System Updates (1-3 releases per month with new features, improvements and bugfixes) 
  • Secure backups 
  • Deployment support 
  • User training 

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payment model comes with two options: 

  1. Annual advance payment (yearly invoice for multi-year agreements) 
  1. PAYG (Pay As You Go), which is invoiced & contracted per month  

Both models are calculated based on the number of agents you need, irrespective of the technology or platform being covered. All future innovations and SAM functions will be included and immediately available upon release.  

With the PAYG option, you don’t need to over-commit or be afraid of being under licensed and needing to purchase more licenses. This will suit short-term commitments. 

The annual advanced payment option allows you commit to one year or three-year agreements. Three-year agreements come with a significant price concession and are split into 3 equal annual payments for your convenience. 

 SAM software should simplify software management and reduce costs for the industry. Unfortunately, some of our competitors have become part of the problem they profess to solve.  

Xensam believes in reducing complexity, which is abundantly clear throughout our technology innovations and our business model.  

Contact us now for a demo or to learn more: 

Xensam: Next Generation SAM 


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