Product Digest Webinar: Introducing The Integration Platform


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1 + 1 = 10X The Business Value with Xensam’s New Integration Platform


With Xensam’s new Integration Platform, your SAM department is about to defy logic.


Integrations are one of the rare opportunities when 1+1 equals 10x the business value, supporting automation and SAM knowledge sharing across the organization. 


That’s why we are beyond thrilled to introduce our new Integration Platform. Supporting around 5,000 pre-built integrations, as well as REST API, it enables integration with millions of systems to streamline your workload and 10x business efficiencies.


The intuitive interface uses a simple drag-and-drop function to help you configure your integrations between Xupervisor and almost any other system (think Zapier, and systems like it).




Join the Introduction Webinar!


The Integration Platform offers endless use cases from a Software Asset Management and business perspective. Join our webinar launch where Xensam Product Manager Joel Sanderi will take you on a comprehensive tour of the platform, exploring its value, and the following four use cases relevant to your business.


1  I  Improve Your Business Intelligence Reporting

Integrate with Power BI (or any other BI tool) to enhance cross-functional data analytics and improve your Business Intelligence reporting across your organization.


2  I  Automatically Remove Underused Software

Automate the processes of identifying and removing unused software, notifying users with low usage rates, and enhancing cloud optimization by automatically reducing subscription levels based on usage.


3  I  Automate Blocklist Alerting

Receive alerts in your preferred channel, such as via email, Slack or Teams, when a user installs unwanted software.


4  I  Automatically Generate IT Service Desk Tickets

Automatically create IT service desk tickets triggered by critical events, such as high CPU usage, or identified vulnerabilities such as malware or potentially unwanted applications. 



Meet the Speaker 

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Joel Sanderi is a Product Manager with 15+ years of experience in product management, UX, and software asset management. He’s an engineer who always prioritizes user satisfaction.


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to share SAM intelligence across thousands of systems using Xensam’s powerful Integration Platform. This webinar is available on demand and held in English.



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