Webinar: Master Your Software ROI


Roi Webinar



Software is not just a tool; it’s the backbone of modern business operations and comes with significant costs. That means that understanding and maximizing your software ROI is crucial. The good news is you don’t have to stay in the dark making educated guesses about your software ROI because we have the key to unlocking its actual value  


Mastering Your Software ROI


In this webinar, Alex Geuken will unpack the complexities of software ROI and explore how collaborative efforts among Software Asset Management, Finance, and IT teams can unlock the full potential of your investments. You'll learn how to accurately assess ROI and get the data you need to answer critical questions like: 


  • What software do we have installed?

  • Who is using those applications? 

  • How much are they actually being used?  

  • And how much does it cost us? 

Alex will showcase the transformative Cost Center functionality in Xupervisor, shedding light on how costs can be allocated and shared effectively within your organization. 


Don't miss this opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of your software costs, and develop strategies for managing them more effectively. Secure your spot for our upcoming webinar and take a decisive step towards mastering your software ROI. 


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