It has never been easier to change a SAM tool!

By Alex Geuken. May 7, 2021.

Software is changing the world! Almost every company is a tech entity, even if the company is in the manufacturing or legal sector, a service provider, or a B2C or B2B. Everyone uses software! This means you have to manage software, and the cost of software is increasing almost by 7-10% per year. Since software is constantly changing and adding new vendors, applications, metrics and moving from on-prem to SaaS, you need a SAM tool capable of all these changes. You want an SAM tool that constantly changes with the environment. Still, the majority of SAM tools used today are heavy on-premises solutions. This is why you should move your SAM tool to the Cloud.

Reasons for Changing SAM Software

There are several to change your SAM tool.  

  • the desire to move from an on-premises to an SaaS tool set
  • to get more functionality
  • to reduce the cost of SAM software
  • you are not getting the value promised by the vendor for your current SAM too.
  • you spend too much time and money on maintenance, support and certifications
  • you want to move from a reactive to a proactive SAM and spend more time on optimization
  • the data is not good or accurate enough
  • your current solution doesn’t have Active Usage or can’t inventory SaaS applications

All these elements can be addressed by changing to a new SAM solution.

Easy to Deploy

Xensam’s solution is an SaaS system, so implementation is quick and easy.

  1. You only need to download the MSI from the user interface (both agents and connectors are available), put the MSI into your deployment tool, and push out the agents.
  2. Import your organization structure
  3. Import contracts and licenses

Easy to Use

Xensam has a consistent user interface that uses columns. Just add the column of the data you want to work with. The user interface always looks the same, so if you can navigate one view, you can navigate the entire system. You can easily create custom columns and export reports on any data anywhere in the system. The benefits are clear:

  1. Easy to access the data
  2. Easy to use the data
  3. Easy to share the data
Better ROI

All in all, you will pay less for your SAM tool since Xensam covers all vendors, servers, SaaS, and the entire SAM portfolio. It includes unique technology such as Active Usage, Cost Center and built-in standard software prices, so you will experience greater cost savings.

Active Usage will help drive cost reductions as you can see opened but not used applications.

Cost Center – see exactly how much you spend on each business unit, user, and computer.

Cost Savings Reports – see where you can save the most money, optimize your SaaS subscriptions, and downgrade or uninstall unused applications.

Are you not happy with the SAM tool you are using? Contact us today to discuss industry-leading functionality and ROI from Xensam. Email to learn more.

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