Xensam increases its support for Oracle databases

Stockholm, Sweden – November 25, 2020

Managing Oracle databases and maintaining license compliance are complex processes that cause many organizations unnecessary expenditure in the case of an audit. Therefore, it is important to manage your Oracle databases correctly with a Software Asset Management (SAM) solution that provides accurate visibility of your Oracle environment -not only by highlighting risks, but by showing optimization possibilities as well.

Xensam’s vision to simplify the complex, permeates throughout its Oracle solution. Granular Oracle licensing permutations needs to be presented in actionable reports and accessible by Oracle specialists, and local SAM managers alike. Complex deployments across the server estate, both virtual and physical, need to be seen in their entirety.

The following questions are commonly presented for those responsible for Oracle licensing:

  • Visibility: Where is the Oracle software currently installed?
  • Changes: How is the deployment of new Oracle databases controlled and visible?
  • Virtualization: Are virtual Oracle databases matched to their physical hosts?

These questions, if not answered properly, can put your organization in a position where it is either; overspending on their Oracle databases, or cannot calculate the potential financial risk in case of an audit.

How we can help

Xensam’s Oracle database functionality helps SAM Managers to identify all Oracle databases deployed in the organization, together with advanced information about edition, version, enabled options, and management packs, gathered not only from the database, but from the Oracle Enterprise Manager as well. It also shows which exact feature categorizes a management pack, or option trigger, as enabled, and what usage is detected for that specific feature. These detailed reports help any Oracle stakeholder within the organization, to deeply understand current financial liabilities from the hardware and software configurations in place, and whether they are by design, or accident. Giving every SAM manager tangible action points.

Xensam’s advanced Data Center functionality, together with its out-of-the-box Oracle reports provided in Xupervisor, offers the SAM manager further information about the virtualized environment on which Oracle databases are deployed to reduce risks – since Oracle’s recognition of virtual environments are limited. This means that a simple mistake or lack of knowledge about Oracle’s licensing rules, regarding the physical and virtual configuration, could lead to significant financial stress on the budget.

The benefits of Xensam’s Oracle solution
  • A detailed overview of Oracle databases to understand financial risks. Presented both in a standardized Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) report, as well as the OSW aggregated on per host-level, and with extra detailed warnings and information.
  • See a detailed report why your Management Packs and Options are enabled, and if it is by design or accident.
  • Understand your virtual environment layout and potential risks, together with an easy overview of your Data Guard and RAC features. See which High Availability features are available and what your shared cache architecture in your Oracle DB environment looks like.

Oracle licensing is complex, which requires a complete SAM solution. Xensam is the only SAM provider in the market that offers this without hidden fees or separate modules. All Xensam’s inhouse developed products are presented in one solution and one price: We strive to make the complex simple, not the other way around.

For more information, please reach out to Xensam on www.xensam.com or email info@xensam.com.