Xensam’s Latest Feature: Agentless Discovery and Inventory Capabilities for Containers

Stockholm, Sweden – November 20, 2020 Xensam, the great innovator in the SAM industry, today announces it has further expanded customer’s visibility into IT assets in their environment. Xensam has added the capability to discover and inventory software that is running in containers, without the need for deploying agents inside the actual container.

The ability to identify software assets running in containers has been a longstanding wish for many IT leaders in the industry. Containers – which is a type of operating system virtualization that is rapidly growing in popularity in the enterprise sector – increases portability and makes it easier to move software programs between computing environments.

Since software used in containers is many times separated from other assets in the IT environment, it can be quite a challenge for an organization to have visibility about what’s running inside their containers.

Having the ability to discover software running in containers, without the need for deploying agents to every single container, gives organizations around the globe an important advantage in not only managing their IT assets, but also optimizing them. And since more and more organisations are moving to a micro-services architecture, we will see a big increase in the dependency on containers for years to come

For more information, please reach out to Xensam on www.xensam.com or email info@xensam.com.