Xensam’s Latest Advancement: License Suites

By Alexander Strömberg. October 26, 2020.

Xensam keeps building on its goal to reach automated software compliance for all of its 50,000 supported vendors by adding the support of Software License Suites. 

A License Suite is a license that entitles an organization to install a set of component applications, without installing the full suite on the computer. For example, you may be entitled to install product a, b, c and d separately instead of the actual bought license package, and sometimes on different machines with cross computer rights, such as: 

  • Microsoft System Center Standard/Datacenter (cross computer) 
  • Microsoft Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard/Datacenter (cross computer) 
  • F-Secure Business Suite (non-cross computer)

Below is an example of Xensam’s License Suites technology in action. 

Licenses added


Assigned Licenses

Covered by License

Other common scenarios are when several application editions all are using the same installer, making it impossible to automatically normalize between editions 1, 2, 3 or 4 (although continuous execution of custom inventory scripts is a cumbersome workaround): 

  • TeamViewer Free/Corporate/Premium/Business 
  • Salesforce Lightning Essentials/Professional/Enterprise/Unlimited 
  • Esri ArcGIS Online Viewer/Editor/Field Worker/Creator/GIS Professional 

Compliance before added license(s)

Added license

Compliance after

Assigned licenses

Covered by License

Another scenario, for example, is “Microsoft Windows Enterprise”, which entitles organizations to also use “Microsoft Windows Professional”. Traditional SAM software would require a Windows Enterprise license and a Windows Professional license to be added. Xensam’s innovation negates these types of manual considerations. 

Licenses Suites with cross computer rights, such as the one below, are also automatically supported.

With over 15,000 License Suites, Xensam’s Normalization Team, Xource, has got you covered. Simply add your entitlements, and the rest will be updated accordingly. 
Please reach out to info@xensam.com for more information!