Xensam Presents: Market leading SaaS Software Inventory 

Stockholm, Sweden, June3, 2019 –Xensam, the fastest growing SAM software on the market, is delighted to announce the advancement of its inventory capabilities with the release of its powerful SaaS/Web application inventory. 

The latest version of the Xensam’s state of the art Xearch agent will now automatically inventory SaaS and Web applications that run in all major internet browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge (including the upcoming Chrome version), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc., without the need for any extra browser plug-ins. Full functionality with the same precision as if it would be an on-premise installation.  

Xensam’s software recognition database; “Xource”, which encompasses normalization and Product Use Rights (PUR), has been prepared in advance for the release of the web inventory functionality with a unique database containing thousands of SaaS applications. 

UniquelyXensam is the only vendor on the market that brings Active Usage to SaaS applications, giving an incomparable level of detail of software usage and capabilities of software license optimization.  

“The most important requirements when developing this feature was to make sure we keep the resource consumption to a minimum and solving this natively, directly in the Xearch agent, without the need of installing browser plug-ins.”, said Gustav Fösker, CTO at Xensam.

“Requiring the customer to deploy a plug-in per browser leads to a very poor customer experience from a deployment, end-user and consistency perspective, and is not something that align with Xensam’s ambitions of delivering the best possible solution for our customers.”

For more information, please reach out to Xensam on www.xensam.com or email press@xensam.com