ITAM Simplification: Choose SAM software that automatically obtains Hardware Warranty Info

Hardware Asset Management

Xensam now offers our customers enhanced Hardware Automation capabilities.  This universally-useful innovation allows vastly easier hardware lifecycle management, providing automatic retrieval of the following hardware warranty information: 

  • Warrant Start Date 
  • Warranty End Date 
  • Warranty Type 

 Automatic Hardware Warranty Information


Hardware Lifecycle Management 

Effective Hardware Lifecycle Management is essential in any environment and requires planning, purchase/lease considerations, deployment program, maintenance policy, upgrade/repair policy, extending hardware life evaluation and finally, retirement/disposal. In short: 

  1. Purchase 
  2. Deploy 
  3. Run 
  4. Retire 

Xensam Xupervisor, our wonderfully simple User Interface, now raises the ITAM bar by allowing comprehensive management of software and hardware lifecycles in one place. 


Proactive Management 

The empowering and accurate data presented in Xupervisor, encourages proactive migration preparation and seamless upgrading with minimal downtime and support issues in a well-planned migration program: 

  • Step one – Purchase: A bulk purchase allows vendor evaluation, negotiation for better pricing and enables technology standardization.  
  • Step two – DeploySwitch on the machine, grant network access and create a user profile. Tip: Create a name standard.  
  • Step three – Run: Monitoring and management. Hardware monitoring includes software patches malware scans and safety protocols. (See also Xensam Security Center). This step also includes upgrades and becomes much easier with asset location and name standardization.  
  • Step four – Retire: Retirement also means replacement and of course, when replacing you want to keep the downtime to a minimum. Today’s Hardware lifecycle is approximately 3-5 years and all the information needed to support this policy is available in Xupervisor, at the push of a button or with subscription supported prebuilt reports.  

 Detailed ITAM hardware management


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