Xensam’s latest feature: Security Center

Xensam's latest feature Security Center

Birkirkara, Malta August 20, 2018 – Xensam, the most innovative SAM software vendor on the market, releases its latest innovation: Security Center! This solution brings a completely new approach to IT security in the world of Software Asset Management.

With a market leading malware database, containing several million unique malware signatures, Xensam’s solution will be the first SAM solution to act as a second layer to organization’s pre-existing antivirus and firewall solutions. Security Center will not only detect malware, but also Potentially Unwanted Applications (“PUA”), such as pirated software and adware.

Additionally, Security Center will highlight potential security risks in disabled BitLocker drives, unauthorized applications, such as license free software and blacklisted applications, as well as authorized applications that have reached their End Of Life (“EOL”), and therefore, are no longer receiving security updates from the manufacturer.

For more information, please reach out to Xensam on www.xensam.com or email press@xensam.com