Expertly manage Microsoft Office 365 using Xensam – out of the box!

Powered by our dynamic Xync connector, Xensam helps organizations to obtain compelling, cross-platform insight of their current Microsoft Office 365 estate; everything from compliance, usage, software spend & subscription optimization.



Xensam enables a clear overview of Microsoft Office 365 users, assigned subscriptions, total cost, total assigned cost, total unassigned cost and much more.


Optimization views of users that could downgrade their current subscription or whom might be double licensed.

Whilst Office 365 compliance is a reduced concern, unchecked ongoing subscription charges could be resulting in unwarranted costs. The key to optimizing Office 365 spend is asking the right questions:

  • Are all Office 365 subscriptions utilized?
  • What is the total cost of unused Office 365 licenses
  • Which Users are assigned multiple licenses?
  • Utilizing data, how many users can be downgraded from premium plans (E5/E3) to lower cost plans (F1/Kiosk)

Naturally, in accordance with Xensam’s unique “All Inclusive” license model, this powerful automated functionality is included in the license price.

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