Join EasySAM & Xensam for an introduction to the next generation of SAM software!

Xensam has been carefully designed with the following principles:

• Simplicity with maximum automation with “out-of-the-box” functionality wherever possible
• Minimal software footprint. Our lightweight agent is the most powerful in the industry
• Enterprise-class functionality that will always remain useful to our customers.

The seminar, in collaboration with our Gold partner EasySAM, will provide an overview of how we have integrated cutting edge technology into Xensam software resulting in features such as:

• Active Usage – Our powerful agent gives enhanced data on actual durations spent interacting with software, not just running!
• Advanced Datacenter – Deep insight into datacenter deployments & incredible automatic optimization at Cluster/Host/VM level
• 3D Organisational Structures & Cost Center – Advanced Business Division mapping & pre-populated license prices show cost of expenditure, potential savings & Cost vs Usage
• End Of Life Dates & Potential GDPR Risk – Useful for setting application upgrade/migration strategy, as well as providing powerful assistance to GDPR programs

The webinar is taking place on Monday 14th of May at 15:00 BST and will only be accessible by registered attendees. Please register at the following link:

We look forward to seeing you!