Our Next Xuperstar: Alexander Strömberg, Product Manager

Xensam is growing and we want to welcome our Next Xuperstar Alexander Strömberg as Product Manager.

Alexander comes from Snow Software, where he worked as a Team Lead in their Software Recognition Services team for over 6 years.
Starting back in 2011, Alexander was one of the first key players when building up Snow’s global software recognition and stock keeping unit team, where he not only trained, built and managed the team, he also personally analyzed more than 100 million instances of unique raw software. This includes everything from Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX to tablet and phones. Alexander has direct experience in management, support, development, sales, marketing and recruiting. His wide experience and connections, together with his passion of actual compliance is unsurpassed, and we are extremely happy to have him on the team.

What Alexander has to say about his first months at Xensam.

“Amazing first months! From the first day I started, everyone has been so good to me, the business has challenged me and the wider team every day. We strive to create as much value for the end customer as possible, with a pace that I’ve never seen before. Some fine examples of this is the development of solutions such as Cost Center and Data Center, which we are very proud of. This, together with our strong customer focus, is exactly why I joined Xensam.”

Alexander Strömberg Product Manager at Xensam

Alexander Strömberg, Product Manager